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It's clear from your new single, “Cash”, that you understand the sounds of the 80s. Are there artists from that time period in particular that you draw inspiration from?


I appreciate that! I'm happy you got 80s vibes from my single. Means my vision was received well! I draw inspiration from way too many artists in that time period to list right now, but the top 3 songs that really inspired my song Cash are "Everything She Wants" by Wham! , "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley, and from a modern retro band "Love it if we made it" by The 1975.

BUZZ MUSIC Interview

Daryl’s love for 80s culture is evident in his album and with this he likes to incorporate a diverse mix of influences such as in his track “She” which involves a range of sound and voices that includes trombones and synthesizers. It starts off with an acoustic guitar and maybe melodic chord progression among piano and electric guitar. His vocals are haunting which is what gives this song a more mysterious and shallow feeling to it. He is able to present what he is feeling and does that through the music production.

VORTEX Magazine

The direction indie pop singer/producer Daryl Smith is heading with his music is clear on his debut album Behind Blue Eyes and you can tell that it’s inspired by his love for ’80s culture. Yet, he still entertains a diverse mix of influences and creates songs that range from slower, melodic ballads to upbeat, feel-good tracks.

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